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Are you self-conscious about your smile because of missing teeth or tooth problems? MM Dentistry wants to change that. We offer dental options that will restore your smile’s health, confidence, and beauty. 


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Advantages of Dentures


Traditional dentures have the advantage of being simple and easy to manage. Some alternatives have benefits, such as dentures that attach to implants or implants with crowns. These options have more permanence but typically involve a more invasive procedure than dentures. 


  • With dentures, you just quickly, easily place them into your mouth. 
  • You can use a denture immediately after tooth extraction. 
  • Because they are a more straightforward solution, dentures are generally less expensive than alternative options.
  • Dentures can look natural, enhance your smile, and function like natural teeth. 
  • We customize them to fit within your mouth, forming a tight fit through suction to avoid slippage.


Maintaining and Cleaning Dentures


Cleaning dentures is easy. You can brush your dentures similarly to the way you’d brush your teeth. Simply remove them, rinse them off, and brush away any fixative with a specialized, soft toothbrush. The fluoride in regular toothpaste is great for your natural teeth but can be abrasive on your dentures. You can use soap or a specialized denture cleaning solution to clean them. 


Denture Types


MM Dentistry offers two basic denture types:


  • Full Dentures


Full or complete dentures replace all of the teeth in your mouth. They act as your customized tooth set for upper and lower teeth. 


  • Partial Dentures


Partial dentures serve as prosthetic tooth replacements for one or more teeth, but not all of your teeth. They’re formed and customized to fit within your mouth alongside your natural teeth. We design them to match your natural tooth look, color, size, and shape. The prosthetic tooth or teeth within the partial dentures fill the missing tooth gaps to form a whole, matching, seamless fit that appears as a complete tooth row. 


What is the Process for Dentures?


Full dentures typically require around three to four visits to our dental office in Burke. Tooth extractions are sometimes necessary to make dentures fit. We’ll form a mold of your existing teeth, from which we’ll design and customize the dentures. 


Trying Out Your Dentures


You’ll come in again once the dentures are ready, making sure you like the fit, comfort, and look of them. At this stage, they’ll be the same size and shape as the final dentures version but made of wax. This way, we can alter them quickly to get a perfect fit. 


What to Expect After Getting Dentures


Your dentures may feel a bit strange at first, and you may experience some soreness. Soreness is normal. Over time you should find that your mouth, tongue, and facial muscles get used to the feel of the dentures in your mouth. Even after we fit your dentures to their final form, we can still tweak them if you notice something isn’t quite right. 


The Source of Many Smiles


You shouldn’t be self-conscious about your smile. Dr. Ma and MM Dentistry’s competent, friendly staff love working with our patients and improving their smiles. We’d love to work with you too. You’ll appreciate our professional, comfortable office environment. 


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